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Pet Odors

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Your pet or pets, dogs, cats or both, can provide you with tremendous companionship. A good pet will leave a lasting impression.

But you don't want that lasting impression to come in the form of a foul odor.

Cats (and even some dogs) will spray to mark their territory...and both can have have accidents.

When they do, the urine and feces can leave odors in carpets, hard flooring, on walls, behind trim and under baseboards. Sometimes the remnants can be almost impossible to reach for removal. You can't wipe it up and when that happens the odors may last seemingly forever. But, no worries, We Have the CURE!

Smoke Odors

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You are a realtor, and you are considering contracting to list a new property for a young couple that must sell their parents home, and Dad was a heavy pipe smoker. You have to have a hard conversation with the sellers about the downside of selling a home with such a lingering odor.

We eliminate any indoor smoke odors. We specialize in removing all trace of cigarette odors, fire & smoke odors, cigar & pipe odors and even cannabis odors. We use a specialized and scientific treatment, using a vapor to denature odors and neutralize all foul smells. The fact of the matter is that you may be assured, We Have the CURE!

Musty Odors

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Having musty odors removed in your home has never been easier with OdorMD™ technique. Broken, cracked or leaking water or sewage lines can cause water damage that results in lingering musty odors. Sometimes, broken or otherwise damaged roofs, siding, and interior walls can allow moisture into the home. Hot water tanks may burst, and toilets might overflow. All of these are culprits of a musty smelling home or business.

Even Gym & Fitness Facilities, which are in the business of promoting health and wellness can tend to smell dank and musty sometimes. The ghosts of past workouts never surrendering their sweaty successes. But, no worries, We Have the CURE!

Mold Odors

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Odors from mold and mildew can be among the worst, for you won't notice it first with your nose but with your eyes.

If you can see mold on surfaces that you may be certain that it is also embedded within the surface, and the spores are likely already circulating around your airspace!

Combating and eliminating odors from mold and mildew is more than just a denaturing and neutralizing activity, it is also an exercise in home or workplace safety. But, no worries, We Have the CURE!

Auto Odors

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When it come to an automobile, it can sometimes be impossible determining exactly what the odor is!

More often than not, it is a combination of foul smells - smoke odors, body odor from a gym workout, rotting food between the seat cushions, a tomato that rolled out of a grocery bag and under a seat, wet dog or mustiness from a window seal leak.

We know how to eliminate them all - even it is all at once!. Our system is fast, effective and thorough. Your car may be difficult to drive while holding your nose now... But, no worries, We Have the CURE!

Food Odors

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The odors from spicy foods, like curry can leave a lingering odor that is nothing for a common masking agent like Febreeze!

These odors usually contain oils that act like a shield, protecting the odor-causing molecules from elimination by most methods. You really have to be a specialist to tackle these babies!

We know how to eliminate them all - even it is all at once!. Our system is fast, effective and thorough. Your kitchen may be a walk down memory lane of Indian Food night now... But, no worries, We Have the CURE!

Fire & Smoke

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Playful mischief or human error can anytime turn into a violent residential fire. As hazardous as fire is, smoke- the product of it is even more detrimental. Residential fires and the smoke derived from them can cause potential damage to property and life. Such cases demand professional smoke odor removal services. OdorMD is adept at handling all types of fire odor removal in your area.

Our expert technicians and hi-tech tools and products ensure all-around coverage. We promise to remove all of the odor along with its source in case of a fire mishap.

We are also your best source for home & office allergy relief...

It is estimated that 30% of adults and 40% of children are subject to the natural immunological responses triggered by microscopic particles all around us. We refer to these individuals as “allergy sufferers“.

Almost exclusively, the airborne particles which cause such grief are organic in nature – bacteria, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, mildew, and other odors and fragrances that cause red eyes, runny noses, coughing fits, and sneezing.

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We're In the Business for Businesses, Too!

If your commercial, residential or institutional facility needs help with odor issues, we are your go-to partner.

Animal Kennels

Doggie Day Care Centers and Kennels regularly struggle with odor control. The urine and feces is prolific and the concrete floor is porous. But we have the CURE!

Auto Dealers

Auto dealers accept trade-in's every day, and many of these vehicles come with smoke or other odors, that can seriously devalue the car. But we have the CURE!

Day Care Centers

Accidents happen, and sometimes, the clean-up can't keep-up, and when that happens, you need an expert! We have the technology to both rid and protect!

Fitness Facilities

Physical workouts can be tough... and really sweaty... and smelly.

Attracting new members is so much easier with good cleaning hygiene and odor control.

Hotels | Motels

Partnering with OdorMD for your smoking room turnovers is a wise investment. We can help you please everyone with our fragrance-free removal system .

Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing often entails processes that cause odor. Think of your local OdorMD Specialist as a consultant that can help you maintain odors without work loss.

Long-Term Care

Old age can come with some unfortunate bad habits, like accidents and incontinence - making odor control a real challenge. But we have the CURE!

Odor Removal

Marijuana Growers

Growing cannabis has become big business. Indoor growers often struggle with keeping the natural and powerful scents under control so work can proceed. No worries.

Medical Clinics

Medical Clinics come in all styles, types and sizes. Some treatments, like dialysis, can have an odor all of its own. These need an expert...

And we have the CURE!

Office Complexes

While it may not be the exact area where people work, back stairwells and basements are known to be tough on the nose!

No worries. We have the CURE!

Public Works

Water treatment plants and transfer stations are notorious for their odors. Impure water and rotting garbage doesn't help. But, no worries. We have the CURE!

Public Transport

Buses and trains can hold lots of people, and pick up some really rank odors. Partnering with an OdorMD Specialist can keep those foul odors at bay.


The smell of great food can win a large following of patrons.

The smell of old or rotting food can destroy a restaurant's reputation.

When you need us, we're here!


Over the years, we have smelled some REALLY BAD restrooms in schools. The odors seem to come from EVERYWHERE. When that happens, contact the OdorMD!

Sports Arenas

Sports arena locker rooms can be really rank. Sweaty practice gear, unwashed uniforms and smelly ice skates can make for a pungent smell. But we have the CURE!

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Odor Removal

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We provide training, certification, telephone (& video) support, products, marketing material and the opportunity to earn residual income from your own clientele with our broad range of expertise, connections and market strength.

Odor Removal

OdorMD offers the best Mold Remediation product at amazing prices for the highest quality mold treatment products. CD Plus kills mold on contact, and Gold 4 Mold removes the dark stains. Priced at a fraction of mold stain products.

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We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

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