Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal Services Cape Coral


The smoke odor from cigarettes or smoking tobacco fills the air quickly. It is in its nature to stay even though visible smoke disperses quite immediately. Such smell is not only irritating to the nose but also to the breathing as well. With Odor MD’s smoke odor removal services, you can be assured the smell is gone forever. Our advanced process methods eliminate tobacco smell as well. Our specifically prepared solutions promise to give an everlasting odor removal experience.

Why is smoke odor elimination essential?

⮩ The smoke derived from cigarettes, tobacco, and marijuana is harmful. Research suggests that it is carcinogenic, i.e. cancer-causing. This odor persists in the air long after smoke disappears.

⮩ Tobacco smell removal is more important if you have pets or kids. These harmful vapors can lodge microscopic nicotine molecules in the respiratory system. Which can potentially irritate the breathing system. Additionally, the smoke particles can irritate and cause watery eyes.

⮩ OdorMD’s tailored smoke smell removal service just fits in here. We have specific products and procedures to eliminate such odor from the source. We believe in absolute customer satisfaction and deliver our quality services with perfection.

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal
Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

How do OdorMD solutions work

Our smoke smell removal service goes through the following steps

⮩ We perform a deep clean initially. Then, OdorMd’s ‘Localized Clean Air Cure’ program is required. During this, we deodorize spaces after turnover cleaning. The solvent bubbles trap smoke odor molecules effectively.

⮩ After that, we perform deep treatment disinfection. This leads to a germ-free and protected surface. The affected objects get sanitized during this process.

⮩ Finally, we apply an anti-microbial coating of OdorMD’s special product- “Chitoshield+”. A quarterly application and regular touch-up of Chitoshield are done regularly. This maintains a disinfected and safe environment for customers.

OdorMD provides reliable cigarette smoke odor removal services near you. Our signature manufactured products are specially designed for complete odor eradication. We have professionally trained staff with years of experience. Customer satisfaction is our prime goal and we ensure only the best results for you.