Car Odor Removal
The Dos and Don’ts of Car Odor Removal

Even if your carpet looks perfectly clean from the outside, lingering odors from food, drinks, and cigarettes can make your driving experience uncomfortable. To prevent this, you need to deodorize your vehicle occasionally.

But there are many mistakes you can make in the process that can make your efforts futile. In this blog, we have discussed all the dos and don’ts of car odor removal to help you avoid these mistakes and make your carpet smell fresh again.

Some Dos and Don’ts of Car Odor Removal

⇒ Dos

1. Always Declutter

The most common source of foul smell in your car is all the cluttered items. It can include food items, clothing, and other debris. Over time, these things spread a musty odor all over your vehicle. So, make a habit of decluttering your car every week to keep your car odor-free.

2. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective homemade odor remover due to its absorption properties. A simple way to deal with unpleasant car odors is by placing a bowl or two of baking soda inside the vehicle and leaving it overnight. The powder will absorb the smells and leave your vehicle feeling fresh.

3. Ventilate Regularly

Musty odors fester in environments with little airflow. So, if you keep your car’s window up most of the time, there is a huge risk of unpleasant smells. To prevent this, ventilate your car from time to time by opening all the doors and windows for a few hours. It will let out the stale air from inside and allow fresh air to circulate.

4. Clean Upholstery and Carpet

If your car has no hidden garbage or debris but still smells, the reason can be the carpet and upholstery. These items trap the unpleasant odors and amplify them even further. That’s why it’s important to vacuum your car’s carpet and upholstery and remove spills as quickly as you can.

5. Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Sometimes, the musty vehicle odor is an indicator of a problem inside your car. It can be a busted HVAC system or malfunctioning air filters. So, it’s best to keep your vehicle maintained and give it regular servicing to prevent such issues.

⇒ Don’ts

1. Mask the Odor

Many people try to overpower the unpleasant carpet smell with perfumes and other fragrant items. But this is a temporary solution, as the fragrance will fade eventually, and the unpleasant smell will return with full force. So avoid such short-term solutions and focus on long-term ones.

2. Use Harsh Deodorizers

Similarly, you shouldn’t use powerful deodorizers to remove odor from your vehicle. These odor removers contain many harsh chemicals that can be harmful when inhaled for a long time. Instead, you can use homemade and natural items like baking soda, powdered charcoal, and coffee beans for odor-removal purposes.

3. Leave Damp Items

Sweaty gym clothes, wet shoes, and towels, we leave many damp things inside the car but forget about it later on. But these wet items can quickly attract mold spores and become a reason for a musty smell throughout your car.

4. Neglect the Air Filters

Air filters trap pollutants and prevent them from making your car smell bad. But when these filters get saturated, not replacing them leads to a musty odor all over your car. You can prevent this by changing the filters on time and maintaining the HVAC system of your car.

5. Avoid Professional Odor Removal

Sometimes, the smell in your car can be unbearable, and you cannot fix it with DIY solutions. You need professional help to deal with these problems. You make the smell stay longer by avoiding it and creating unnecessary hindrances to your driving experience.

Odor removal experts at Odor MD can handle all types of car smells with their advanced solutions and years of experience. Their deodorizing leaves your car smelling fresh and ensures it smells as good as it looks.

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We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

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