Get Rid Of Mold Smell In Your House
How to Get Rid of Mold Smell in your House?

Molds and mildew grow in the damp areas of your home. You might remove the mold growth successfully but what about the mold smell? The mold odors are left behind even after the removal of molds.

These odors are very unwelcoming and might cause health issues if left untreated. Thus, read this blog to understand different ways to eliminate mold odors from your house.

Five Ways to Eliminate The Mold smell in your House

1. Identify The Source.

Before performing the mold smell removal process, identify the source of the smell, that is, from where it is actually originating. Molds grow up anywhere but majorly develop in damp or water-damaged areas.

Your sense of smell will help in tracking the odors. Bathrooms, kitchens, less foot traffic areas, and any wet area at your place experience the growth of molds.

2. Use Cleaning Solutions like Bleach.

You can buy bleach from a store and use it as a cleaning solution to get rid of mold smell. Prepare a mixture of water and bleach. Scrub it on the affected area. It helps in removing the odors instantly.

As the bleach is dangerous, it might cause damage to the surfaces if operated improperly. Wear protective gloves while performing the cleaning process with bleach.

3. Use Household Products.

If you want to avoid using bleach, you can try some household products to remove the mold smell. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the molds. Keep the paste as it is for a couple of minutes.

Later wipe off the excess liquid using a clean cloth. Prepare a solution of vinegar and warm water and spray it on the molds. Scrub the area with a sponge soaked in hot water and baking soda. Leave the surface to dry. Essential oils also assist in removing the mold smell.

4. Place Odor Absorbers.

Keep the odor absorbers in the room and get a refreshing and pleasant smell. They help in reducing mold odors and prevent new unpleasant smells.

You can also use activated charcoal as it absorbs all the musty odors and freshens the air. Place an air purifier at your home and in areas with possibilities of mold growth are more.

5. Keep The Place Dry.

It is better to keep your place dry to prevent the growth of molds and mildew in damp areas. Install ceiling or exhaust fans to reduce the humidity.

Open the window to allow air circulation. Get the leaks or water-damaged areas repaired to avoid wet surfaces. Use dehumidifiers in places that have moisture.

Hire a Professional for a helping Hand.

Even after implementing various methods for eliminating mold odors from your home, you might achieve inappropriate results. The mold odors might not get completely removed from your home.

In such cases, hiring a professional home odor removal service is a better option. Experts use modern tools and techniques to remove mold odors thoroughly and prevent further increase. Give us a call today at 239-268-4300 and enjoy our best services at your home.

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We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

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