May 13, 2022
By Odor MD

How to Get Rid Of the Rotten Meat Smell From Your Refrigerator?

How to Get Rid Of the Rotten Meat Smell From Your Refrigerator_

Meat is a pretty common food in America, and so is the problem of rotten meat smell. The meat smell can remain for a long time in your refrigerator, kitchen, and even home if you don’t do something about it. But since the refrigerator is an electric appliance, you have to be very careful while doing so.

So if you are facing the same problem and looking for solutions for removing the rotten meat smell from the refrigerator

Check out the following steps to get rid of Rotten Meat Smell. 

  • As a very first step, disconnect the power supply and throw the rotten meat and other rotten things in the trash outside your home. Open the window to allow for ventilation in the kitchen. Put on gloves and a mask.
  • Now remove all the racks, bins, ice trays, and other removable from the refrigerator as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Place these items near the sink or bathroom. You have to clean them first.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution by adding two tablespoons (or as per need) of liquid dish detergent to a bowl. Now fill that bowl with hot water and mix it. Use this liquid to wash the racks, shelves, bins, and ice trays. Rinse them with tap water. Pour the detergent solution down the drain when finished.
  • Add one tablespoon of chlorine bleach powder to a bucket, filled with normal water. It is a “sanitizing solution.” Rinse the shelves, bins, and ice trays with the bleach solution in the sink. Let these removable parts dry.
  • Now to clean the refrigerator, Wipe all the walls and door parts with a clean cloth. Prepare a paste by adding some hot water to baking soda. Prepare the paste according to your need.
  • Wet another clean cloth with hot water. Wipe the interior compartment walls of the refrigerator and freezer with the baking soda paste using this cloth. Thoroughly wipe all the compartments walls, gasket, and doors.
  • Wait some time and let the paste work. You can also leave the place for a better understanding of the difference in smell.
  • After waiting some time, wipe away baking soda residue from the compartment walls and the gasket using a cloth or tissue paper. You will feel some difference and the smell would have reduced or even vanished.
  • Now, as the final step, soak another clean white cloth with the sanitizing solution you prepared earlier and wipe out every section with it. Make sure you clean every single corner. Read the manufacturer’s instructions about the use of bleach before this.
  •  At last, leave the refrigerator open for an hour. Rinse with normal water once if you want. And resemble the parts you removed once everything is dry.

Some Do’s & Don’ts

Rotten Meat Smell

  • Try to clean the refrigerator as soon as you start smelling the odor of rotten meat.
  • Do not use any harsh chemical or deodorizer for cleaning.
  • Take all the safety precautions while cleaning.
  • Do not clean while the power supply is on.
  • Contact the professionals to remove the rotten meat smell