Get Smoke Smell Out Of Clothes
How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Clothes

After hosting a small party at your place, your whole house, which includes the furniture, clothes, belongings, etc., might be full of smoky odors and stubborn stains because of the cigarettes, firepits, or something else.

It becomes quite annoying to wear clothes with such unpleasant smells. But the good part is, you can get rid of that smell with some easy remedies.

In this blog, we have mentioned a few methods that might help you remove the smoke smell from your clothes. Read out the blog and learn to implement more.

6 Ways To Remove Smoke Smell From The Clothes

1. Hang The Clothes in Open Air

The first step to execute while eliminating the smoke smell from clothes is to hang the clothes using a hanger or clips outside or in a well-ventilated room. Before washing the clothes, hang them outdoors in place under the sunlight.

The moving air will help remove all the accumulated dirt and debris and the majority of the smoke smell. You brush them to remove the residues. This method helps in cleaning half of the clothes. Allowing proper ventilation is one of the best ways to get rid of cigarette and tobacco smell.

2. Pour Into The Vinegar Solution.

Vinegar acts as a deodorizer as well as a disinfectant. Pouring your clothes into a bucket filled with vinegar helps you to clean them. It assists in eliminating all germs and bacteria and removes odors from the clothes.

Soak the clothes for a couple of hours. Vinegar absorbs the clothes and eliminates odors. If there are remains of vinegar, then they will get into the air once to bring it out.

3. Wash With Baking Soda.

After soaking the clothes with vinegar, start washing them with baking soda. Add some baking soda to the washing cycle. Baking soda absorbs all the smoky, unpleasant odors and gives back clean and fresh smells.

If the smell remains, place the clothes overnight in the mixture of baking soda and water. Baking soda neutralizes stubborn stains and unpleasant odors. If you want to perform handwashing, add baking soda to the detergent and wash the clothes.

4. Use Hot Water While Washing.

Hot water breaks down the odors and kills the bacteria. We recommend you to use hot water while washing the clothes as it will always be effective. You should always read the labels attached to the clothes.

Check whether your cloth is suitable for hot water or cold water cleaning. The labels on the clothes will give you an idea about cleaning with hot water in the washing machine or handwashing.

5. Steaming Process

Steaming is another way to remove the smoke odors from the clothes. This method is used for clothes that are inappropriate for washing machine wash.

Again check the label of the clothes to ensure you can execute the steaming process on the clothes to eliminate the smoky odors.

6. Place Scent Sprays Or Deodorizers.

You can use various sprays or deodorizers on the clothes that are left unwashed. Be sure that any product you use has chemicals to kill the odors and is not just a scented solution.

You can also place various odor absorbers such as charcoal, with the clothes and leave it for a couple of days. Make a solution of essential oils and water, or get fabric fresheners and spray them on the clothes. Allow them to air dry, and you will get odor-free clothes.

Hire A Professional -

Getting the smoke smell out of the clothes might be stressful, but you can get them to the original state after executing various methods. Despite trying all the possible ways, if you are still unable to remove the irritating smoke odors, you should hire a professional.

Experts at Odor MD use modern equipment and methods to eliminate the smoke odor from the clothes. We provide fresh and clean clothes without causing any spots, stains, or wear and tear to the same. Call us at 239-268-4300 to just sit back and relax and enjoy all our services.

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We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

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