Gym, Spa & Fitness Facility Odor Removal Services Cape Coral

Hitting the gym or fitness center with friends only to find it stinking with body odors is awful. Similarly, a visit to a spa for rejuvenation can turn hostile if it smells of sweat and odors instead of scented candles. With OdorMD in your town, there is nothing to worry about. Our expert gym odor removal services in Cape Coral will help. Our well-trained and experienced staff strive to deliver fresh and clean premises post their visit.

Why Gym, Spa, And Fitness Centers Need To Be Odor Free?

⮩ Gym, Spa, and Fitness Centers see a lot of crowd throughout the day. Whether it is for fitness or relaxation, the ambiance at such places ought to have a fresh smell. Not only do body sweat and oils create a nasty odor. There are a host of bacteria and other pathogens thriving at such places. Their activity creates a foul smell as well.

⮩ Apart from maintaining a good smelling atmosphere in such facilities, hygiene is as important. Most of the smell as being derived from microbes leads to another threat- diseases. Constant footfall and contact with machinery by multiple people help a faster spread of illnesses. Such places, hence, require a higher level of sanitization and odor removal.

⮩ At this junction, OdorMD serves as the perfect solution. Our fitness facility odor removal services in Cape Coral help you achieve the maximum level of cleanliness and odor elimination. Our ‘Localized Clean Air Cure’ Program takes care of complete odor removal and germ elimination.

Gym, Spa & Fitness Facility Odor Removal
Gym, Spa & Fitness Facility Odor Removal

Our Odor Removal Process

For complete spa odor removal services in Cape Coral, we follow the following steps:

⮩We follow the ‘Clean Air & Sanitary Surface Program’. Herein, we employ the localized clean air cure procedure to remove odor after a thorough cleaning.

⮩ Further, we provide regular surface sanitizing to ensure a germ-free surface.

⮩ Finally, we secure the surface by applying our ‘Chitoshield’, an antimicrobial product.

⮩ A quarterly application of Chitoshield and regular application to touch-points is also done.

OdorMD provides reliable spa odor removal services in Cape Coral. We have professionally trained staff with many years of experience. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal and we ensure to maintain full hygiene in your facility.