Remove Pet Odor From Your Sofa
How to Remove Pet Odor from your Sofa?

Imagine you are resting on your sofa enjoying your favorite TV show along with your drinks, but suddenly your pet’s odor irritates you thereby disturbing your mood.

We all adore our pets undoubtedly, but equally, what matters is how we care for them and do not let their scent muddle in our daily work. We have got some tips for you on how to eradicate your pet’s odor and live with them blissfully.

Helpful Tips to Remove Pet Odor from your Sofa

1. Use Enzymatic Cleaner Products:-

Pet urine contains contaminants like ammonia which can sicken our atmosphere at home. It is essential to clean your sofa regularly with enzymatic products which can extricate such smells and keep the germs and bacteria at bay. Pet owners should search for the best enzymatic products online and utilize them for the well-being of both you and your pet buddy.

2. Prefer Baking Soda:-

Baking soda is something that each and every pet owner should be aware of especially when it comes to eliminating odor. It also freshens up the surroundings. One thing is to be remembered. Make sure the area remains off-limits for your furry friend until you thoroughly vacuum it the next day.

3. The Simple Act of Air Drying:-

On a sunny or windy way, take the cushions or even the entire couch and keep them in an open place to let the sun's rays shine on them. The ultraviolet rays of the sun help in killing the odor-causing bacteria in your couch and the wind will leave your couch smelling fresh.

4. Don’t Forget to Clean The Couch:-

Cleaning is one of the most common tips for odor removal. Once you have dried the couch, make sure to clean them to annihilate all kinds of dirt and dust from it. If avoided, this incomplete work becomes of no use. Before taking them on for laundry, check for the labels and get to know whether they are safe or not. And if yes, toss your washables in the washing machine for a clean-up.

5. Use Hydrogen Peroxide:-

Hydrogen peroxide is the best chemical compound that can be used to completely eradicate your pet’s odor. Mix at least 3% hydrogen peroxide with water and spray it all over the sofa.

Hydrogen peroxide helps in destroying bacteria in the stains and helps bleached out discoloration on the stained surface. Ensure you test the solution on a hidden area before using it.

6. Groom your Pet Regularly:-

Another factor is to groom your pets regularly. Pets shed hairs, dander, germs, and other odor-causing contaminants. Regular grooming keeps these contaminants away and protects your couch from musty smells. You must brush and bathe your pets using the right soap.

7. Regularly Schedule a Couch Cleaning Service:-

Spraying ingredients or washing the couch for merely a week is not just enough. The owner should create a regular schedule regarding cleaning up each and everything on which your furry buddy takes a nap. In fact, this will let the owner know where his/her pet is most likely to leave behind his smell.

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