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There are a few potential sources in your home or apartment that can cause odor. OdorMD is a certified home odor removal service in your area. Before initiating service, our team identifies the potential sources first. We guarantee that we can completely eliminate or drastically reduce all odors in any home or apartment, or we will repeat the treatment at no charge.

The Most Common Causes of Odor in Homes & Apartments

The potential odors in the house are from rotting waste and garbage, spicy and odorous foods, water damage, and mildew.

Garbage Cleaning
Rotting Organic Waste & Garbage

The garbage sticking to the liners and leftover vegetable peels are putrefied with time. This creates a foul smell while attracting disease-causing flies and bacteria. Thus, it is essential to remove the source of the odor along with the odor itself. Our home sanitizing services fit in perfectly here.

We sanitize everything with industry-grade products, to disinfect the garbage disposal area. Then, with our specialized odor elimination techniques, we turn the area smell fresh.

Spicy & Odorous Cooking

Enjoyed great food last night with a wholesome amount of garlic tempering? And now the pleasant aroma of garlic has turned into a nasty odor.

Hire professional home odor removal in any of our service areas and see the odor vanish right away. Our special Clean Air Cure program is adapted to removing such odors.

We promise to turn the odor of old fish into fresh air, and spiced curry into clean and odor-free spaces.

Water Damage & Mildew

If you might have noticed closely, the water stains on the walls come with a black outgrowth. This is the mildew that produces a weird damp odor. Wiping the walls only wonโ€™t help.

Call home odor removal services of OdorMD to restore your walls. Our expert technicians and tailored odor elimination services do the job for you.

Many times we can restore your walls and room spaces without the cost of demolition.

The OdorMD Odor Removal Process for Your Home

โฎฉ Our Clean Air Cure program is a complete odor removal solution. It includes home sanitization services as well as advanced odor eradication.

โฎฉ We start by using ClOโ‚‚ for surface treatment, as it works better.

โฎฉ Further our specialized odor-eliminating gaseous solvents reach every nook and corner of the odor sources to eliminate it completely.

So, do not wait for things to stink and give us a call. Our home odor removal service in your area will always be the best in town. Our specialized techniques and unique odor extraction services will turn your home into a clean-smelling place. Submit all your information to avail of a free quote.

We are looking forward to working with you!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!