Remove Smoke Odor From Carpets
How Experts at OdorMd Remove Smoke Odor From Carpets?

The fibers of the carpet are very powerful absorbents of smoke odors. And in a city like Cape Coral where the weather is primarily hot, this absorption increases manifolds. The sticky molecules of the smoke can easily cling onto and bond with the fabric, making it difficult to remove the odor from carpets.

While there are ways to mask it through fragrances and sealing, they aren’t much effective for the permanent removal of the smoke odor. That’s when professional smoke odor removal is needed in Cape Coral.

Now, depending on the extent of the smoke, there are a series of steps that odor removal experts take to remove the unpleasant smoke odor from your carpets. Let’s have a look at the process that our OdorMD professionals use.

Our Expert Process For Removing Smoke Odor From Carpets

1. Inspection

The very first step that we take is to assess the carpet and the smoke odor. We try to identify the source of the smoke, its extent, and the type of your carpet. This helps us determine the best method and solutions to deal with it.

Also, the more stubborn the smoke odor the more extensive the odor removal process will be required.

2. Carpet Deep Cleaning

The smoky particles embedded and clung to your carpet fibers need to be removed first to make the further process effective. If they keep lingering, the deodorization cannot work. That’s why our OdorMd professionals believe in working on the source of the odor.

So, with cleaning, we ensure that your carpet’s fibers get rid of every single smoke residue that is emitting an unpleasant odor. If it is to get rid of the smoke smell after a fire, we first clear the area of all the burning materials and debris.

And many times, a thorough clean itself is sufficient enough to remove the smoke smell, working right from its source.

So, once we have assessed the carpet, we begin our process with deep cleaning of your carpet. Again, an appropriate cleaning method is chosen based on your carpet’s condition and odor’s extent.

Remove Smoke Odor From Carpets

However, our experts in Cape Coral may choose to prefer the steam cleaning technique most of the time. The high temperature of water pushed with pressure helps weaken/melt the smoke molecules and remove them effectively.

3. OdorMd’s Clean Air Cure Program

We have a specifically designed program for odor removal - a clean air cure program. Depending on whether it’s a fire or smoke odor, we have the ‘Localized Clean Air Cure’ program and the ‘Total Clean Air Cure’ program respectively. During this, we deodorize the carpet with an effective solvent. The solvent bubbles work to trap the smoke odor molecules effectively.

4. Deep treatment disinfection

Further, we employ deep odor removal steps using either thermal fogging or ozone treatment. The choice of disinfection method depends on the carpet's needs.

∗ Thermal Fogging:

This method involves heating a specialized deodorizing agent using a smoker machine that releases heated foggy vapors with pressure. The idea here is to deodorize the carpet in the same way as it was once odorized, i.e., through smoke penetration.

When the deodorizing solution is pushed in heated form, it penetrates deeper into the carpet. This makes it effective to extract/remove the smoke particles thoroughly.

∗ Ozone treatment:

This method works on transforming the odor molecules instead of trapping and extracting them. An ozone generator machine is used to release ozone into the air.

This ozone, when combined with smoky odor molecules in the carpet, turns their structure. The oxidation process transforms the odor particles into new ones that no longer smell.

5. Anti-microbial coating


Finally, we apply an anti-microbial coating of OdorMd’s special product- “Chitoshield+”. CHITOSHIELD+ functions as both a sealer and an antimicrobial. It is generally applied with either a ULV or an Electrostatic Sprayer and is applicable to ALL surfaces: both food and non-food contact surfaces.


Remove Smoke Odor From Carpets


And unlike other antimicrobials, CHITOSHIELD+ does not become sticky if over-coated, making it an ideal and effective deodorizer.

Our odor removal professionals in Cape Coral recommend a quarterly application and regular touch-up of Chitoshield to be done regularly. This maintains a disinfected and safe environment for you.

We are looking forward to working with you!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!