Bad Odors In Gyms
How to Get Rid of Bad Odors in Gyms

Bad Odors in Gyms

Anyone who works out regularly is certainly familiar with the unpleasant musty odor that lingers in gym clothes even after they've been washed. These lingering smells come from bacteria, sweat, and body oils.

All of the bacteria, sweat, and body oil become trapped inside the fibers and build up with each activity. Traditional detergents were made for traditional fabrics, such as cotton, and aren’t as efficient when it comes to penetrating these synthetic fabrics. Similar to removing bad odors from carpets and upholstery.

Professionals can fix your gym’s lingering odor with ease through their expertise and company-fitted tools that are provided to them. They are well trained and can make your gym smell fresh again. Here are some points you need to check for the future.


This might seem obvious, but it wasn’t to me at first. I’m lazy. I thought that the best place to put a hamper for my gym clothes would be in the gym. And that worked great when it was cold outside. But once my gym heated up in the summer months, not so much. So put your dirty workout clothes with the rest of your dirty clothes. Don't store those bad odors in gyms. All that lingering bad odors would stay behind in the locker room.


This is actually something I learned while still working out at a commercial gym. The guys that I saw there regularly would wear the same clothes for several days in a row. They’d put them on, work out, sweat them through, and then hang them in a locker to dry only to wear them again the next time they worked out.

I’m not here to judge. But what I will say is that the odor that developed on their clothing rubbed off on everything! Every bench they lay on and every pad they rubbed against ended up smelling awful. So, we all have those days when we skipped doing laundry and now don’t have anything clean to wear. Do your gym a favor and find something. Don’t reuse old clothes a second time!


Speaking of keeping stinky bad odors in gyms that shouldn’t be there, take a look around the room. What else is in there that could end up smelling? I’ve got a buddy who has a pretty nice set up in his basement. That’s also where the family keeps the litter box for the cat. Not the ideal combination. Not exactly the healthiest either!

In my case, my gym is in my garage. Being that I live in a townhouse, I’m required to keep my garbage cans inside. That means they are in my garage, there’s no other place to keep them. And that, my friend, was one of the major sources of the smell I had to deal with that hot June day.


Air quality is of paramount importance. It can directly impact your health, negatively affect your workouts, and kick out bad odors in gyms. It’s a really important topic that not enough people take the time to address. If you have any level of suspect air quality in your gym, please check out my full guide to home gym air quality. It will walk you through step by step how to address any air quality or safety issues that might be present in your home work out space.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Odors In Gyms

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