Keep A Medical Facility Clean
How to Keep a Medical Facility Clean?

Healthcare facilities are a place where people go for healing, and keeping them spotless is crucial for the safety and well-being of people in those medical facilities. Here we have discussed the detailed cleaning and deodorizing process to help you make your healthcare facilities safer and smell better.

Ways to Keep a Medical Facility Clean

1. Create a Regular Cleaning Schedule

To maintain the cleanliness of your healthcare facility, you should first create a regular cleaning schedule. It should include the cleaning frequencies for different areas and mention the team responsible for it.

A regular cleaning schedule will help you stay on top of your facility’s cleaning needs and maintain proper hygiene in different parts of the hospital. Don’t forget to include a SOP for cleaning different facilities in the cleaning plan.

2. Dispose of the Waste Properly

The first thing in your cleaning schedule should be garbage disposal, as medical facilities generate both regular and specific waste. About 15% of medical waste is hazardous.

These wastes can create an unpleasant environment for the patients, doctors, and staff by causing a musty odor. At worst, it can even threaten the sterile atmosphere of the facility by spreading infection.

So, wear a proper PPE kit and empty the garbage cans onto the similarly labeled trash bags. Then, dispose of them in designated areas to avoid cross-contamination within the facility.

3. Address the High-Touch Surfaces

The high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, railings, and switches are a hotspot for germs and bacteria in a hospital. They require immediate attention to prevent the spread of diseases and infections.

Clean and sanitize these areas thoroughly to remove all the disease-causing bacteria and allergens. Also, clean the frequently used medical equipment and machines to ensure complete removal of these pests.

4. Keep Common Areas Clean

Similar to the high-touch areas, shared places like waiting rooms are also susceptible to bacteria and germs. So you should tackle these areas first before continuing with the rest of the cleaning.

Start by dusting the sitting chairs and upholstery. Then, vacuum the entire surface thoroughly. After that, fill a bucket with water and add an appropriate cleaning solution.

Dip a microfiber mop into the cleaning solution and clean the common area from end to end. Let the area dry completely. Finally, spray a deodorizer all over the waiting area to eliminate the foul smell.

5. Clean Examining Room

Examining areas need to be sterile and clean to provide doctors and patients with a safe environment to diagnose the symptoms. The best way to tackle the examination rooms is to give the room a brief cleaning after each examination.

Then, after each day, clean the examination room thoroughly by mopping and disinfecting the surfaces. It will give the patients peace of mind and prevent any potential accidents.

6. Invest in Quality Odor Removal Services

Apart from the bacteria and germs, musty odors are a huge issue in healthcare facilities. The unpleasant smell occurs likely due to chemicals, contaminants, and bio-waste produced in the hospital. Eliminating these odors is crucial to ensuring the well-being of the patient and creating a comfortable environment for your patient.

Odor MD provides comprehensive odor-removal services for medical and LTC facilities. Our experts conduct a deep cleaning that removes the source of the smell and disinfects the hospitals and medical facilities.

Moreover, our antimicrobial coating shields high-traffic and high-touch areas, preventing disease outbreaks.

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We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

We're Looking Forward to Being of Service to You!

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