April 22, 2022
By Odor MD

3 Tips: How To Remove The Smell From The Boat?

remove the smell from the boat

The odor in the boat head is the worst that is formed due to dirt and stains buildup over a long time. And to remove the smell from the boat is a difficult task. In addition, having an unsanitary boat head might cause health hazards to those who use it daily.

Seawater heads are more prone to have odor problems because of scale deposits. There are a couple of tips you can adopt to remove the smell from the boat head. To begin with, flush the raw water two or three times when you first get on your boat for the day. This will get rid of the initial smell.

Tips To Keep Your Boat Head Smelling Fresh

Tips To Keep Your Boat Head Smelling Fresh

Tip 1

If your boat head smells like pee, you might not be regularly pumping it out. Especially in the warmer climate, you need to treat your boat’s holding tank when you pump out. On both freshwater and raw water toilets, to remove the smell from the boat head, we recommend splashing some odor treatment in the tank every time you pump out.

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Tip 2

There are mainly three culprits that cause the odor.

1) Hose

Because of their porous nature, these hoses are permeable. Regardless of how much you clean it, it will attract dirt. The best recourse would be to timely replace the hose.

2) Joker Valve

For this, you need to look at the inner workings of your toilet. The three-way split of this valve eradicates the waste from the boat head and also prevents it from entering again. The probability of deposit buildup is high in this valve. Thus, even this needs regular change.

3) Flapper Valve

The last step to remove the smell from the boat head is to remove the flapper valve, clean underneath the seal, and replace the valve.

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Tip 3

Even after these basic treatments, your boat smells like sewage, you might have to seek a professional to remove the smell from the boat. Because when you fail to eliminate the build-up of germs, you are exposing your family to many diseases.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Boat Head Smell?

How Do You Get Rid Of A Boat Head Smell?

There are some things you can try to keep the smell out of your boat. Here are some tips,

  • Pump out your tank frequently.
  • Fill the tank with 50% bleach and 50% water
  • Add a water softener to prevent solids from sticking to the sides
  • Change hoses regularly
  • Clean your boat head with clean water other than seawater or damp water

Professionals can easily help to provide you with these services. They are fully trained to make your life easier and have all kinds of experience in odor removal service. Call them for a free quote.