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Home Odor Removal

Life can sometimes get ahead of you…

You never know how and when general odors become nasty. Removing them can be a task. OdorMD specializes in home odor removal services. Our ‘Clean Air Cure’ program is for help right away. We assure you a fresher is smelling home every time.

Automotive & RV Odor Removal

Even after a used car is detailed…

Rented out your car or RV and got it back with lingering smells? There is nothing to worry about when OdorMD is here. We are experts in car odor removal in Cape Coral. Our specific programs like ‘Localized Clean Air Cure’ programs deliver guaranteed results in a time-effective manner.

Car Cleaning
LTC & Assisted Living Support Services

Medical Odor Removal

Services for the toughest of times…

Long Term Care facilities and hospitals are known to smell in a peculiar way. The sources, however, are unavoidable as it comes from labs, chemicals, and waste. OdorMD has the perfect hacks to remove such smells from the source. We also provide sanitizing and disinfecting services with “Chitoshield+”.

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

Escape the Odor Along with the Rat-Race…

Smoke from cigarettes and burning tobacco is a hazard. Being cancer-causing, it is best to remove it from the source. OdorMD is well trained in handling such odors with ease. Our ‘Total Clean Air Cure’ program is best suited for tobacco smell removal.

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal
Lodging & Hospitality Services

Restaurant & Lodging Odor Removal

Earn Great Reviews on Your Cleanliness…

The smells from various food in restaurants and sheets in hotel rooms can be a nuisance. Removing them is as easy as a breeze for OdorMD. Our tailored programs and solutions with advanced technology promise to give you the best smelling premises. An added benefit is our restaurant cleaning services.

Gym, Spa & Fitness Facility Odor Removal Services

A Clean Air Fitness Program for your Facility…

Hitting a smelly gym or a musty spa completely spoils the day. These also form the breeding grounds for microbes. OdorMD’s ‘Clean Air & Sanitary Surface Program’ does the work. Our expert technicians work on all the surfaces and remove odors and germs from each corner.

Gym, Spa & Fitness Facility Services
Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal

Not a single day goes without them being around…..

Pets are lifelong companions.But there are times when they leave nasty odors. OdorMD’s top-notch pet odor removal services are the best solution. Our tailor-made program and pet-friendly solutions are perfect to keep such odors away.

Fire and Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke never rises without Fire…

Burning homes or kitchens, or a fire in the backyard is a scary sight. Moreover, the smoke from such fires is choking and fatal. OdorMD understands the emergency and provides safe fire and smoke odor removal service. With our latest techniques and expertise, we restore your home to its safety.

Fire and smoke odor Removal