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Superior, Low-Residue, Chemistry

When pre-cleaning, as a precursor to removing odor is necessary, we turn to Synergy Solutions. These highly portable, accurate dispensing concentrates allow us to have over 1200 quarts of ready-to-use product available on vans in the form of just a single case of 6 concentrated quarts.

Each of these products were developed with microfiber in mind, enhancing the performance of these marvelous cleaning tools, while saving us-and you- money on chemicals. Most of these products are based on natural ingredients and digestive enzymes that eliminate odors at their source by consuming the organic waste that feeds bacteria, whose metabolism is the source of most odor. Also, the vast majority of these are formulated to leave behind little to no residue.

Carpet Cleaning that is Always Low-Moisture

Whenever carpet is involved, one can assume that it is either a source for the order or a depository for it – where odor molecules have settle and are clinging to the forest of fibers.

When this is the case, a cleaning of the carpet is always a component of our Clean Air Cure, and when we clean carpet it is always with low-moisture techniques.

You see, using an abundance of water in the cleaning of carpet will generally dilute, spread and deepen the penetration of the causes of odor in your home. The longer it takes for your carpets to dry, the more time is allowed for bacteria to feed on substances like pet urine that have been driven deep into the backing and sub-floor beneath the carpet.

Employing the Miracle Molecule – ‘The Perfect Biocide’

The EPA, CDC and WHO all agree that nothing, and no disinfectant can replace an effective cleaning regiment. But, what if one of the best cleaning chemistries available for breaking down soils like bio-film, happened to be widely recognized as one of the best available biocides & biofilm removers?That is exactly the case with Chlorine Dioxide, a component of our cleaning and deodorizing product, ENVIROTAB. You see, without the removal of bio-film – the polysaccharide defenses constructed by bacteria – any disinfection program may be completely ineffective. We use ENVIROTAB, before applying any antimicrobial protective coatings, because it simply provides the deepest level of clean.

Disinfectants for Serious Decontamination

MDF-200/500® : Mold Remediation, Virus Elimination, and More.

Safer than bleach, stronger than household disinfectants, MDF-200/500® is an EPA-registered chemical that is environmentally friendly and used by such organizations as:

The United States Marine Corps,

  • The CIA,
  • Numerous Mold Remediation Specialists, Crime Scene Specialists, and
  • various hospitals.

Released by a fogging system that allows it to access and kill even hard-to-reach, resilient microbes, MDF-200/500® doesn’t harm any surface, and it’s even safe around sensitive electronics. 

Natural All-Surface Sealers with Antimicrobial Efficacy

The only long-lasting surface sealer and coating proven effective out to greater than 30 days and exempt from EPA FIFRA Registration due to its environmentally-sourced, sustainable and safe formulation.

Approved by the FDA for application to food-contact surfaces and recognized by the USDA as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).

This coating has been successfully tested against bacteria, fungi and spores to resist re-contamination after even 30 days, even when stressed by regular cleaning with ENVIROTAB.

Outstanding After-Service Support

When you call us, your greatest concern is the solving of a present problem, “JUST MAKE IT GO AWAY!

For us, each and every happy customer has the potential of being a referral to their friends, family and neighbors.

We are absolutely committed to solving your odor issues, regardless of what it takes and to you full and complete satisfaction.

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