July 5, 2022
By Odor MD

What Is The Pet Odor Removal Cost.

What Is The Pet Odor Removal Cost.

We always struggle with the question that What is Pet Odor Removal Cost?. Nobody likes the unpleasant smells in their home, but such a musty smell is common in homes having pets. Pet accidents create messes like urine stains and musty odors throughout the house. Moreover, pet dander, hairs, and soil stuck in their paws lead to an unpleasant smell. And the question arises What is Pet Odor Removal Cost?

It is a tough job to get rid of pet odor. And this is where professionals come into the picture. Professional pet odor removal services use advanced tools and methods to eliminate pet odor from your home.

Generally, on average, homeowners pay between $500 to $800 for pet odor removal. But many factors affect the price of services. In this blog, we have mentioned the price range for pet odor removal depending on different factors.

Pet Odor Removal Cost

Pet Odor Removal Cost As Per The Area

The size of the cleaning area is an essential factor that affects the pet odor removal cost. If a few stains are the source of the musty smell, then you will require a spot treatment. If one or two rooms have that smell, then the odor removal process needs in those particular rooms. Similarly, if the whole house has a bad smell, then a thorough deep cleaning will require.

Size of Area to clean Average Cost
Spots $70 – $125
One Room $100- $200
2-3 Rooms $200 – $650
Whole House $800 – $1400

Pet Odor Removal Cost As Per The Severity

Another factor that affects the cost of pet odor removal is the severity of the smell. The cleaning methods and time change according to the odor intensity. For instance,  mild cases require simple cleaning and less time. While severe cases cleaning process is complex and takes more time.

Odor Severity Average Cost
Mild $100 – $250
Moderate $300 – $650
Severe $700 – $1,250

Pet Odor Removal Cost As Per The Cleaning Method

The cleaning methods for pet odor removal vary as per the requirement. Sometimes the professional cleaners will use more than one cleaning method to eliminate pet odor from your home. The service cost also changes according to the cleaning methods used during the treatment. Commonly used cleaning methods are Enzyme Cleaning, Ozone Shock Treatment, Subfloor Urine Extraction, Steam Cleaning, and Chemical-Based Dry Cleaning.

Cleaning Method Average Cost
Enzyme Cleaning $25 – $50
Ozone Shock Treatment $50 – $70
Subfloor Urine Extraction $50 – $200
Steam Cleaning $100 – $250
Chemical-Based Dry Cleaning $100 – $150

Looking For Affordable Pet Odor Removal Services?

Looking For Affordable Pet Odor Removal Services_

Pet odor can be a headache and requires professional cleaning to eliminate. The average cost of pet odor removal changes depending upon several factors. If you are looking for the most affordable professional pet odor removal services, then Odor MD can help you. Odor MD has a team of experienced cleaning professionals who can handle every type of pet odor removal task.