MDF-500 ® Anti-Microbial Fogging/Spray Treatment is a 100% Safe and Effective Broad-Spectrum Bactericide, Fungicide, Viricide, and Sporicide. MDF500’s patented product’s technology was first developed by the US Government to safely neutralize chemical and biological compounds. Made in the USA.


  • HIGHLY effective against all micro-organisms and biological toxins. It deactivates mold and mold spores, kills bacteria, neutralizes toxins, and kills viruses. MDF-500 ® destroys all known pathogens on surfaces without affecting the wood and material it contacts.
  • DEODORIZER – An extremely effective deodorizer against odors caused by mold metabolites and against mycotoxin chemical by-products that are known to be allergenic. Eliminates odors from pet smells, mold and mildew, cigarettes & cigars, fire, and gases. It is also a very effective carpet cleaner.
  • PROVEN effective as a microorganism inhibitor in EPA Hard Surface Mildew-Fungistatic Tests.  Tested by Sandia Labs with a resulted 7-Log Kill. The technology was developed by the US Government and has a long and successful history of destroying organisms and bacteria while being completely safe to use in the home and workplace. Our company has produced this product since 1996.
  • INHIBITS the growth of microorganisms in interior and exterior applications on porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • SAFE to use in virtually any indoor application. Pet Friendly. Carries a 0 Hazard Rating on the standard hazard scale of 0 – 4. (Common household bleach has a 4 Hazard Rating) MDF-500 ®  leaves no harmful residue of any kind and becomes completely inert after 8 hours. MDF-500 ® is registered throughout the U.S. and Canada – including the State of California. Approved for use in Cardinal Health System Facilities. EPA Registration #’s 80346-1 and 80346-2.
  • Comes packaged in 4 Gallon per box:  (2) gallons of Part A and (2) gallons of Part B


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MDF-500 can be applied as a fog (atomized mist), foam or spray. The fog application is the preferred application
method as it allows for not only horizontal surface decontamination but ALL surfaces present. In other words, the
fog application completely decontaminates every surface in a room. The exact application procedures will vary
depending on the circumstances. Our subject matter experts can consult with your team of experts to assess your
needs and provide site-specific application procedures (to include written application procedures) with hands-on
training after you take delivery of your MDF-500. EPA approved application equipment will be proposed as part of
our overall solution.

Less Product – More Coverage:

  • A gallon of MDF-500 (A+B) treats 2500 – 4,000 sq. ft. in a residence and over 7,500 in commercial application
    depending on the structure contents.
  • MDF 500 is both the safest and strongest product on the market today making it possible to reduce spore
    counts and neutralize odors in large spaces effectively with a limited quantity of product when compared
    with others.
  • Because of superior efficacy, fogging with MDF 500 can reduce the need for costly equipment and manpower required for disinfecting and removing odors, mold, and mildew
  • Odorless – Once dried, it does not leave an odor behind.
  • A ULV sprayer is the most cost-effective method for application.
  • Will remain active for 8 hours after mixing. The mixed product cannot be used after this time.
  • Mix solution as necessary for square footage to be treated.
  • Mix equal parts A and B.
  • Comes packaged in 4 Gallon per box:  (2) gallons of Part A and (2) gallons of Part B

MDF-200® was developed by the US government at Sandia National Laboratories. The formula is patented pursuant to US Patent 6,566,574 B 1. MDF-500® is the EPA-registered commercial version of MDF-200®, manufactured by Span-World LLC pursuant to license number 15-N-8036 with Sandia Corporation. MDF-500® is registered with the EPA under FIFRA number 91899-1/2. Additionally, MDF-500® is registered throughout the United States with applicable state authorities, including the State of California, as well as Canada.


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