Restaurant & Lodging Odor Removal Services Cape Coral


We provide Commercial Odor Removal Services in Cape Coral

There is no chance to enjoy a meal in an odorous restaurant. Bad odors in restaurant and lodging facilities can ruin the entire holiday experience. Commercial odor removal services in Cape Coral by OdorMD are here to help. We provide an all-around restaurant cleaning service with odor elimination. Our specially designed process and equipment make us the best restaurant cleaning service in Cape Coral.

How OdorMD works

For restaurant cleaning and commercial odor removal in Cape Coral, we follow this process.

OdorMd’s ‘Localized Clean Air Cure’ program deodorizes spaces after turnover cleaning.
Next, we perform deep treatment disinfection.
Finally, we apply an anti-microbial coating of OdorMD’s special product- “Chitoshield+”.

Odors Dealt By Restaurants and Lodging Facilities.

Restaurants ought to deal with different culinary odors. This is due to different food in the kitchen, rotting supplies, spices, and condiments, etc.

Whereas, lodging facilities have to deal with a completely different set. Dirty sheets and drapery, washrooms, musty carpets, are some to name.

Apart from restaurants and lodging, gyms, spas, fitness centers need odor elimination. These commercial places see a lot of crowds. Thus, they need odor eradication along with commercial odor removal in Cape Coral.