MDF-500 ® Anti-Microbial Fogging/Spray Treatment is a 100% Safe and Effective Broad-Spectrum Bactericide, Fungicide, Viricide, and Sporicide. MDF500's patented product’s technology was first developed by the US Government to safely neutralize chemical and biological compounds. Made in the USA.


  • HIGHLY effective against all micro-organisms and biological toxins. It deactivates mold and mold spores, kills bacteria, neutralizes toxins, and kills viruses. MDF-500 ® destroys all known pathogens on surfaces without affecting the wood and material it contacts.
  • DEODORIZER – An extremely effective deodorizer against odors caused by mold metabolites and against mycotoxin chemical by-products that are known to be allergenic. Eliminates odors from pet smells, mold and mildew, cigarettes & cigars, fire, and gases. It is also a very effective carpet cleaner.
  • PROVEN effective as a microorganism inhibitor in EPA Hard Surface Mildew-Fungistatic Tests.  Tested by Sandia Labs with a resulted 7-Log Kill. The technology was developed by the US Government and has a long and successful history of destroying organisms and bacteria while being completely safe to use in the home and workplace. Our company has produced this product since 1996.
  • INHIBITS the growth of microorganisms in interior and exterior applications on porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • SAFE to use in virtually any indoor application. Pet Friendly. Carries a 0 Hazard Rating on the standard hazard scale of 0 – 4. (Common household bleach has a 4 Hazard Rating) MDF-500 ®  leaves no harmful residue of any kind and becomes completely inert after 8 hours. MDF-500 ® is registered throughout the U.S. and Canada – including the State of California. Approved for use in Cardinal Health System Facilities. EPA Registration #’s 80346-1 and 80346-2.
  • Comes packaged in 4 Gallon per box:  (2) gallons of Part A and (2) gallons of Part B