October 18, 2021
By Odor MD

Tips On How To Find Source Of Bad Smell In House

How To Find Source Of Bad Smell In House

Different smells from trash, bathroom and pets can make the home environment unbearable. Some may contain harmful chemicals that can cause sickness. Lingering smells of smoke can also affect people in the long term. Sources like fungus, chemicals, pipe leaks or even building materials can also produce a bad smell.

It can be easy or hard to find depending upon the source of the smell. It’s important to identify the source to avoid different health problems. Here are some steps on how to find source of bad smell in house.

Steps To Find Source Of Bad Smell

Sensing Unidentified Smell

Simply strolling outside for a few minutes can help to cleanse your sense of smell. Follow the stench after re-entering to find the source. If not, enlist the assistance of family members to locate the source of the odor.

Roof Vents

Bird’s nests, dead animals, rotten leaves or garbage can bring smell to your household. Therefore, it is required to clean the roof once or twice a month.

Causes Of Bad Smell In House

There can be several causes of bad smell in houses but if you cannot locate the source of it, here are some main causes of bad smell.

  1. Kitchen’s stinky dishwasher
  2. Garbage disposal
  3. Stinky carpet and new furniture
  4. Smelly closet and stale sheets

Can’t Get Rid Of Those Unexplained Smells From The House?

Bad smells in the house that come and go can’t be found easily. In this situation, if you know how to find a source of bad smell and what is causing it. Then, you can easily eradicate the smell.

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