For rapid, targeted odor removal, you can count on OdorMD®.

odor removal service for auto dealers - 100% Odor Free GuaranteeOur advanced delivery system instantly bonds to, and eliminates, odor molecules in the air and those that have penetrated and/or are resting on fabrics or surfaces for complete odor removal.

OdorMD® provides the most effective odor solution for every odor situation. It’s ideal for cars, RV’s, boats, rental properties, homes, and businesses – anywhere odors are present. OdorMD® solutions are non-toxic and effective on both organic and inorganic odors.

OdorMD® Professional Odor Removal Treatmenat Eliminates All Of These And MORE!

  • Cigarette/cigar smoke

  • Rancid food odors

  • Human Odors

  • Pet odors (including urine and feces)

  • Cooking odors (including curry)

  • Paint, floor finishes, adhesives

  • Mustiness

  • Mildew

Frequently Asked Questions about OdorMD® Odor Removal Service:

What makes the OdorMD® different?

  • We deliver complete odor elimination – Odor is destroyed at the source; there is no masking or added fragrances.
  • Broad spectrum application – OdorMD® professional treatment works on virtually everything from organic to inorganic odors.
  • Green – OdorMD® solutions meet EPA Safer Choice Standards and contain no harsh chemicals or harmful VOCs.
  • Natural – OdorMD® solutions are alcohol and fragrance free and are made with natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable active ingredients.
  • Proven performance – The efficacy of OdorMD® solutions has been validated through independent, scientific testing

How does it work?

  1. Contact/adsorption – OdorMD® solution molecules released into the air through a sub-micron advanced delivery system make contact with malodor molecules via opposing electrostatic charges and direct contact.
  2. Absorption – Our treatment captures malodor molecules and odor causing bacteria and destroys them at their source.
  3. Sub-Micron Delivery – The OdorMD® advanced delivery system dispenses sub-micron-size odor and pathogen killing molecules. These molecules sweep the air (including throughout hvac systems) and penetrate deep into carpet, upholstery, walls, cabinets, and other absorbent surfaces for complete odor removal.
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